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KSH48,500.00 KSH45,000.00
  • Condenser inside
  • Fan motor
  • Lock & Key
  • 2 Wired baskets
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 201L capacity
  • R600a refrigerant

The showcase ice-cream chest freezer allows one to see the contents inside and be able to choose the brand they prefer.

It is good to note that the condenser in the Hisense Ice Cream Freezer -FC-27DD is located inside the freezer. What is more, contributes to the efficient cooling and freezing of the contents. Internal condensers can help save space and reduce maintenance needs.

The fan motor is an integral part of the freezer since its job is to ensure the distribution of cold air is even in the freezer. Furthermore, this uniform cooling will ensure that your ice cream stays frozen at the desired level of hardness.

When it comes to ensuring that your ice creams are organized well then the Hisense 201L Ice Cream Freezer -FC-27DD guarantees this. As I have said, it comes with 3 wired baskets providing organization and easy access.

The geometric configuration is simple, which eliminates complexity. Unlike usual freezer doors, the premium boundless door design is totally fit for the modern home and the stylish minimalist design that leads to the future. The user-friendly design allows the freezer door to be easily cleaned by removing untouchable corners, saving time and effort.

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