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KSH63,500.00 KSH60,000.00
  • Capacity: 222L
  • Beverage cooler display: Yes
  • Refrigerant: R600 Gas
  • Type: Showcase Beverage chiller
  • Mechanical control: Yes
  • Auto Defrost system
  • Integrated Arc Door
  • Inner Light for bright showing effect
  • Low voltage
  • Double-layer Glass Door
  • Water disposal pan
Brand: Hisense
SKU: #07XvMxFuhM
    • Hisense Showcase FL30FC Refrigerator is a single door beverage cooler which comes with a mechanical temperature control as well as an adjustable thermostat. This fridge comes with an auto-defrost system as well as an integrated arc door. Besides this, it also has a cool design that uses environmental friendly technology.
    • The model comes with a low voltage start and also has a high cooling efficiency thanks to the internal and bottom fans. Additionally, there is hit air flow that helps in avoiding water condensation on the door. Users will be more than impressed with the 222L showcase refrigerator.
    • NO FROST
    • Users will enjoy having no frost on their display or items stored in the refrigerator. This is simply because this model comes with a technology that reduces the humidity level inside it. This therefore prevents the formation of frost as well as overconsumption at any chance.
    • The accelerated temperature adjustment makes frozen goods to defrost quickly within the fridge. This therefore saves you time and money.
    • The showcase refrigerator will simply provide an energy efficient solution for your needs. It has a countertop cooler. The cooler allows the fridge to take less energy when it comes to keeping your drinks cold. Additionally, it has a glass door that allows users to view all available options without fast having to open the door.
    • Users can then act quickly after reaching a decision and therefore minimize the cold air that would have been lost.
    • The available water disposal pan that is found in this refrigerator will be useful in catching any water that needs to be drained away from the inside of the fridge. Normally, small amounts of water will enter the drip pan and safely evaporate away rather than become standing water.
    • You will get to enjoy the enhanced organization that comes with this showcase refrigerator. It enables users to organize everything in a convenient and straightforward manner. Business people will also have no need to worry about where to place an item for maximization .

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