Kenwood 1.5L Glass Blender-BLP44.270SS

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  1. Whole SS housing
  2. Knob with LED light
  3. 2 Speeds + Pulse
  4. 5L glass jar
  5. Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  6. Accessories: Mill and meat chopper
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Kenwood 1.5L Glass Blender-BLP44.270SS is a kitchen appliance designed for blending and grinding various ingredients. Buy Kenwood 1.5L Glass Blender-BLP44.270SS at the best price in Kenya.


The blender is equipped with an 800-watt motor. Furthermore, this provides sufficient power for blending and grinding a variety of ingredients effectively.

2 Speeds + Pulse

Kenwood 1.5L Glass Blender-BLP44.270SS offers two-speed settings, allowing you to choose the appropriate speed for different blending tasks. I addition, the pulse function provides short bursts of power for precise control over the blending process.

Glass Jar

The blender comes with a 1.5-liter (1500ml) glass jar, which is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to staining or odors. Furthermore, glass jars are often preferred for blending as they do not retain odors or discoloration over time.

Lid with Ingredient Opening

Has an opening that allows you to add ingredients while the blender is in operation. Furthermore, this feature is convenient for adjusting the consistency of your recipes or adding ingredients during blending.

Measuring Cup on Lid

The blender lid includes a measuring cup. Furthermore, it allows you to measure ingredients accurately and add them to the blender goblet with ease.

Stainless Steel Blades

Kenwood 1.5L Glass Blender-BLP44.270SS is equipped with stainless steel blades. In addition, it is durable and efficient for chopping, blending, and grinding various ingredients.

Cord Storage

The blender features a cord storage feature, which allows you to neatly store the power cord when the appliance is not in use. Furthermore, this helps to keep your kitchen area organized.

Rubber Feet for Stability

Glass Blender-BLP44.270SS  is designed with rubber feet to provide stability and prevent it from moving or sliding during operation. Furthermore, it ensures safe and steady blending.

Safety Interlock

It has a safety interlock feature that ensures that the blender will not operate unless the jar is properly locked into place. In addition, this is an extra layer of safety during use.

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